Art Style Printing, Inc. Announces New Leadership & Vision For Asset Tag, Barcode Label Manufacturer

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Art Style Printing Inc welcomes a younger generation of leadership to the asset tag and barcode label manufacturing industry. Ken Head will serve as Executive VP to manage operations of Art Style Printing, Inc. including the DATAWARELABELS.COM™ divisions.

HOUSTON - July 25, 2012Art Style Printing Inc. (dba DATAWARELABELS.COM) is pleased to announce that they have implemented a succession and transition plan to bring in a younger generation of leadership to take control of the company, an established manufacturer of asset tags and barcode labels and lead it into the future. The succession plan included the formation of Dataware Holdings L.L.C. to acquire the stock of Art Style Printing, Inc. and the hiring of Mr. Ken Head as Executive Vice President to manage all the operations of Art Style Printing, Inc. including the DATAWARELABELS.COM  business divisions.
The Succession Plan includes a Strategic Business Vision for the next 3 years intended to grow the company domestically, expand its International sales, and the addition of new product and service lines. The Succession and Transition Plan, and the Strategic Business Vision were developed and implemented by Jay Branson CFP®, ChFC Principal and Co-Founder of Branson, Fowlkes & Company, Inc. Mr. Branson will serve as an Advisor and Board Chairman along with being a Investor/Member in Dataware Holdings, L.L.C.
“I am very pleased that we were able to implement our succession plan this year. I retired once before after a long career as an Executive at Coca-Cola Foods, and now at age 80 I am ready to retire again, this time for good” said Mr. Morgan Anderson, previous President of Art Style Printing, Inc. “I have a great deal of confidence in Ken and his ability to implement the Strategic Business Vision” said Mr. Anderson
“I am very excited at the challenge and opportunity in front of us and can already see some major changes just as a result of a new level of energy and enthusiasm” said Mr. Head. “Mr. Anderson has been a client for over 25 years and unlike many of our other business owner clients, faced the challenge of how to implement a succession plan without a partner, Key-Man, or other obvious Heir Apparent” said Mr. Branson. “We discussed this issue for many years and decided early this year that the best option would be to just create and implement a plan based on Mr. Anderson’s desired result so that the issue would be off his shoulders and he could relax and enjoy life” said Mr. Branson.
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